Light Fill – Polystyrene frit

The Light Fill is polystyrene frit which can qualitatively replace perlite as a filler, as you will also read below. But first, let’s take a look at the key features of Light Fill, produced exclusively by our company.

Light Fill Advantages 

  • It gives less weight to the construction, compared to perlite
  • It is water repellent
  • It has great ease of use
  • It has volume stability and lifetime dimensions
  • It contributes to the better performance of the building frame
  • Enhances the seismic protection

Light Fill (replaces perlite)

The Light Fill is the most reliable solution to filling floors, as it offers less weight to the building, enhancing its seismic protection. Its water-repellent properties provide stability in the volume and dimensions of the building, for a lifetime.
The undeniable quality of light fill combined with the long experience of Fragoulakis company in the insulation field, guarantee quality and secure results.

Mortar Ratio Price
3 or 4 Light Fill bags
2 cans of sand
One cement bag of 25kg
39 € / cubic meter + vat

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