3G Insulating Material

The DUROSOL is a product of study, research and development of 17 years, for which we provide a 10-year warranty!

  • Ecological
    The Eco DUROSOL does not contain closed cells with FREON and CO2, but closed air cells, requires very low energy to be produced and it is 100% recyclable.
  • λ = 0,033W / (mk) or in kcal l = 0,029 kcal / (hmk)
    The DUROSOL presents α very low optimum thermal conductivity λ. High resistance to moisture absorption, high mechanical strength, excellent thermal insulation, ease of application and avoiding of the damage to the material during installation.
  • Self-distinguishing
    The DUROSOL is not flammable, it does not transmit fire.
  • Εγγυημένη πρόσφυση στο σοβά
    Η εταιρεία μας παρέχει εγγύηση πρόσφυση του DUROSOL στο σοβά και στο σκυρόδεμα.
  • Certificates, Guaranteed quality, certified efficiency
    ΤThe DUROSOL is accompanied by CE-efficiency certificates, ISO 9001: 2008 and laboratory studies.
  • The DUROSOL does not absorb moisture, it is water repellent and breathable.
    The cellular form of granules, resets the Water Absorption and in combination with the high aggregation of the material it stabilizes the λ over time and increases the strength of the material. The breath of DUROSOL contributes to the elimination of water vapours from the interior and it also repels moisture.
  • 1 century life span
    Artificial aging studies indicate that the insulating capacity and mechanical strength of DUROSOL is not altered not even over 100 years.
  • Lifetime dimensional stability
    The DUROSOL undergoes long maturation process (30 days) before its formation, which gives an absolute dimensional stability.

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