The Fragoulakis company with more than 70.000m2 external insulation per year provides reliable and specialized external thermal insulation systems. Its systems ensure energy saving protection of the building from weather conditions and prevent moisture and mould formation.

The external wall insulation, during the winter, significantly reduces heat loss from inside the building to the outside environment, while in the summer prevents the hot outside air to the interior of the building. Thereby we are reducing the flow of heat and can save up to 50% of the energy we consume for heating or cooling.


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Smart Pack System for external insulation

Our company designed and provides you with the specialized external insulation Smart Pack system. The Smart Pack is designed to provide high thermal insulation performance and full waterproofing at a quite affordable price. In the external insulation Smart Pack system we are using expanded polystyrene EPS80, certified insulation and building materials while combining all the benefits of our external thermal insulation systems at a cheaper price.

Exterior Insulation Benefits

  • Energy saving
  • Protection of the building from the weather conditions
  • Additional investment in the value of the building
  • Smaller dimensioning of the installations for heating and air conditioning
  • Protection against cracks
  • Avoiding thermal bridges and phenomena of mould and moisture
  • Optimization of living conditions
  • External walls renovation
  • Contribution to the protection of the environment

Smart Pack External Thermal Insulation Price List