The Greek beton cire FGL Patiti is a high-tech product created and produced after years of research. Specifically, the beton cire is a traditional Greek product that has its roots in the islands of the Cyclades. Our company wanting to create an industrially produced material with fixed top-level properties has created, the FGL Patiti. Specifically, we have altered the composition of the beton cire, we replaced some materials and added microfibres and an elasticiser. This led us to create the top forged cement mortar FGL Patiti of high standards with significant advantages over other similar products on the market.

The Fragoulakis Company has its own factory plant in Elefsina, so FGL Patiti as well as the other building and insulation materials are 100% Greek, as they produced in our facilities.

About the FGL Patiti


The FGL Patiti beton cire has considerable advantages over other competing materials in the market, which make it stand out and make it a top choice for anyone who wants to build or renovate, achieving a truly elegant and unique effect. More specifically, the comparative advantages and generally the benefits of the beton cire FGL Patiti are:

High strength

We have made sure to add elasticisers to the mortar in order to have the best results. For the use of the forged cement mortar FGL Patiti it is not necessary to add any enhancer or additive.

Easy Processing

The material is processed very easily and has a high application speed. Indicatively, a 100m² surface can be completed in 5-6 days and at about 10 in total, depending on the weather conditions.

Easy Colouring

Coloured too easily. All you need is, where the mortar is with water, to add the pigment of your choice, that we provide you with. This is the easiest beton cire colouring process.

Small thickness

The final thickness of the Patiti Style system varies at only 3-5 mm. This makes it ideal for situations of renovation that will be applied over the existing floor and you do not want to increase the level and thus reduce the usable space.

100% Greek product

Besides that the beton cire is generally a classic Greek product with several decades of history, this material that we offer you is 100% of Greek production, unlike some other beton cire produced abroad.

Unique Quality

The FGL Patiti can be as easily applied to vertical and horizontal walls without any differentiation, as we offer a unique and quality for each application, the highest possible.

Affordable and competitive price

The price for the entire implementation of the Patiti Style system is absolutely affordable and competitive. On one hand, as a general solution, its cost can easily be compared with other similar alternatives, like coating a floor with tiles or marble. On the other hand the prices of our materials are quite competitive relating to the market, and as for the costs of application we have made sure to compress the cost of our partner crews. So we ensure that you will not hear various exorbitant prices from us, that are heard from some companies.

Value for money

If you compare the quality and price ratio, it is certain that the Patiti Style system with the FGL Patiti as a basic material is the most advantageous option. The numbers of our satisfied customers and costs speak for themselves! Certainly, we offer you the best “value for money” option, especially if you prefer to buy the materials from us and select one of our partner crews. Do not waste time, fill the forged cement mortar form below and you will receive our offer very soon.

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Applications of the Gorged Cement Mortar

δαπεδο και τοιχος πατητη τσιμεντοκονια


It is assumed that for whoever wants a completely unique and modern look for their bathroom, a great solution is the application of the forged cement mortar. You can individually select to layer the wall with forged cement mortar or layer it on the bathroom floor, combining it with other materials such as wood or marble and some stylish accessories. But for those who want a really special effect that will impress the eye and create a pleasant feeling on every visit of the space, prefer the full layering of the space with the complete forged cement mortar Patiti Style system.

Especially when it comes to ptofessional premises such as hotels, restaurants, gyms, shops, spa, function rooms, exhibition centers, etc. the choice of the FGL Patiti forged cement mortar is by far the best choice. Its results will definitely impress you and especially your customers.


If you are considering about renovating your kitchen by selecting the FGL Patiti forged cement mortar, beyond the aesthetic results, you can save yourself from additional expenses for dismantling. This is because the FGL Patiti can be easily placed on several surfaces such as concrete, plaster, cement, plasterboard, tiles and others. Furthermore, if you still want more impressive results. you can layer the bench and your kitchen sink with forged cement mortar. Achieving at the same time elegance in the space and waterproofing of the surfaces, where PatitiStyle system was applied.

πάγκος κουζίνας και τοίχος με πατητή τσιμεντοκονία
Δάπεδο σε σαλόνι με πατητη τσιμεντοκονια


The floor forged cement mortar is the best choice for those who want to give a unique style to a space, to put your own personal style and still give it durability, high resistance to wearing and stressing. The forged cement mortar is increasingly chosen for coating floors of professional premises such as hotels, restaurants, gyms, shops and generally in areas where you need a specially beautiful and elegant appearance, able to meet high demands of compatibility and access. But just as often – especially in recent years – it is also for selected dwellings, for both indoors and outdoors, especially once it became known that it is an ideal solution at an affordable cost.


It is obvious that the forged cement mortar on a wall offers an incomparable visual effect. Apart from that, the application of the forged cement mortar on a wall also saves the periodical  painting of the walls. On one hand you can, from the colourboard of the forged cement mortar, select the colour of your choice, while the varnishing which is performed upon completion of the application, the wall acquires extreme timelessness and the colour remains unaffected over time. Besides the application of the FGL Patiti forged cement mortar, you can give another perspective to decorating the walls of your home, even selecting a style for more sophisticated results. It is no coincidence that more and more owners of hotels and stores are choosing the forged cement mortar for their renovations.

πατητη τσιμεντοκονία σε τοιχο και δάπεδο σαλονιου
σκάλες με πατητή τσιμεντοκονία


The application of forged cement mortar to stairs, is one of the most frequent options especially for professional spaces such as hotels and restaurants, but it is quite often chosen in houses when we want a strikingly beautiful effect. It is mainly applied to indoor built stairs, but this is not binding, as the leading FGL Patiti mortar is known for its great adaptability.

Sink, furniture, decorative items, etc.

As mentioned above, the forged cement can be applied to walls, floors, bathrooms, stairs, etc. Having said all that, if you want to give particular emphasis to your room, the FGL Patiti gives you the ability to apply forged cement mortar in more specialized cases as well. Such, for example, are the bathroom sink, the sink in the kitchen, the fireplace in the living room, the dining table or whatever you think about, in order to decorate a room in a really impressive way. From mirrors and chairs to vases and flower boxes! The ideas are endless and the architectural freedom is big enough to select the top forged cement mortar, FGL Patiti, and a skilled craftsman with experience in such applications.

τραπεζάκι με πατητή τσιμεντοκονία


  • Ideal residential and professional spaces decorating choice in walls and floors. Giving strength and waterproofing.
  • High aesthetic decorative results, especially the 100% Greek FGL Patiti.
  • Great durability and high resistance against moisture, scratches, weight etc.
  • Strongly affordability, particularly in relation to what it offers compared to the alternatives.
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